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Equipment Disconnect and Reconnect Are Critical During Office Relocations

It’s easy to overlook tasks on an enormous project list prior to an office relocation. Thoroughly accounting for phones, computers and other equipment is a common oversight. Even harder still, if you run a healthcare facility, your medical machines and equipment all need to be installed and tested for precise functionality. Trying to account for every piece of equipment on top of all other regular duties makes facility managers' stress levels unmanageable. Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI) takes the headache out of your relocation by providing equipment management services, as well as disconnect and reconnect services for computer equipment, phones, faxes and more. Your team stays focused on its core responsibilities while we handle the troubleshooting tasks.

We work with your technology department in advance to ensure we meet its technical needs. We install and test everything so your team members can hit the ground running as soon as your new space is ready. CMCI ensures all phones, faxes, computers and other telecom equipment is properly re-installed at your new location so your staff isn’t impacted with wasteful downtime. Employees arrive for work and all their equipment is correctly and neatly set up.

Rely on CMCI’s moving consultants to help your office relocation run flawlessly. Contact us today to get started.